Dean's Fellowship Award

Faculty of Medicine - Dean's Fellowship Award

Information for Supervisors and Students

The Dean’s Fellowship Award recognizes academic excellence and is awarded to Master’s and Doctoral students in a thesis-based program by the Dean of Medicine on the recommendation of the Assistant Dean, Research and Graduate Studies (Medicine).
To apply for the Dean’s Fellowship Award, students must submit: 

  1. A cover letter demonstrating why you (the student) should be considered for a Dean’s Fellowship Award
  2. A letter of support from a supervisor or potential supervisor
  3. A C.V. which includes a list of the student’s academic achievements
  4. Student transcript(s) – unofficial or copy will suffice

Deadline: August 16, 2023

Dean's Fellowship Guidelines

There are 2 categories of students that may apply for the award:
New (incoming) students
(i.e. entering students or students that recently transferred to a Master's or PhD program)
The applicant/student must have a complete file in the Research and Graduate Studies Office - a “complete file” is defined as:

  1. a completed graduate web application for admission to graduate studies;
  2. letter(s) of appraisal; and
  3. transcript(s)  

Current graduate students
(students may apply for the Dean’s Fellowship only once unless transferring from the MSc to the PhD program.  If you are currently a graduate student and have never applied for this fellowship, your application will fall into this category)

The Dean’s Fellowship is primarily based on academic excellence in the student’s last 20 courses (or one-semester equivalents).  If all other things are equal, then other accomplishments will be considered (i.e. publications, presentations, scholarships).  Please refer to the Dean's Fellowship Guidelines for complete eligibility criteria. 

Applications can be submitted via email to:  
Letters of reference may also be emailed to this address.

Deadline: August 16, 2023