Inter-Provincial Transfers

Transfer Requests to Memorial University

Learners interested in transferring to Memorial University must follow National Transfer Guidelines. As per these guidelines, requests to transfer must be coordinated between PGME offices; however, general inquiries can be emailed to 

Training capacity and funding availability for inter-provincial transfers is determined following the second iteration of CaRMS and Memorial's own Internal Transfer Request process. If Memorial is unable to consider an inter-provincial transfer(s), the PGME office will notify the home PGME office of the applicant(s).

Successful transfer requests to Memorial University go into effect on July 1.

Transfer Requests to Another University

Memorial University learners who are seeking an inter-provinical transfer must also adhere to the National Transfer Guidelines and must submit the Authorization of Release form below. Signed forms are to be emailed to by March 31. 

Home program offices will not be notified of a request until a learner has been offered a transfer position.

FOR ALL INTER-PROVINCIAL TRANSFERS, residents are strongly encouraged to apply for positions through the second iteration of CaRMS; however, please note the following: 

  • Some universities require applicants to submit specific situational judgement test results as a part of their CaRMS application, e.g. FMProC for Family Medicine; Casper for Diagnostic Radiology and Pediatrics. Carefully read the admission requirements listed on all program descriptions, and note exam registration deadlines and sitting dates. The second iteration of CaRMS is a compressed timeline with firm application deadlines.
  • All matches through CaRMS are contractually binding. Only apply to programs and universities you are willing to go to; once matched, you cannot withdraw. 

Complete information is available on the CaRMS website.

The inter-provincial transfer procedure is a guideline only.
Local Faculty of Medicine guidelines and policies take precedent over national guidelines.