MRF Recent Awards

MRF Recent Awards - 2022




Nominated PI


Application Title


Funding recommendation


Dr. Curtis French

Does the membrane flippase ATP11A play a role in the development of severe Covid- 19?

 $30,000 Cox Award


Dr. Rod Russell

Pandemic Preparedness and Pathogenesis: Programmed Cell Death Induced by Avian and Swine Influenza Viruses

$20,000 Research Development Grant


Dr. Jackie Vanderluit

Identifying the distinct differences in the cellular response to a stroke between human and rodent neurons.

$20,000 Research Development Grant


Dr. Peter Wang

The effect of inherent CDH1 gene polymorphisms on diagnostic and survival outcomes in sporadic colorectal cancer: A collaborative multi-center Canadian study.

$20,000 Research Development Grant


Dr. Anil Zechariah

Exploring vascular restoration as a therapeutic strategy in the stroke brain

$20,000 Research Development Grant


Dr. Patti Power

Does geography impact survival of ovarian cancer in Newfoundland and Labrador?

$20,000 Ovarian Cancer Grant