Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons

Residency Programs and Directors


 Program Director  Administrator  Phone Numbers

Diagnostic & Molecular Pathology
 Dr. Simon Kirby  Amanda Mullett  864-6042

 Dr. Peter Collins  Stephanie Herlidan  864-3611

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
 Dr. Weldon Bonnell  Jacqueline Doran  864-3641

Diagnostic Radiology
 Dr. Lisa Smyth  Melissa Dalton  864-3683

General Internal Medicine
 Dr. Dayna Butler  Jill Colbourne  864-2892

General Surgery
 Dr. Alex Mathieson  Stacy Hicks  864-6634

Geriatric Psychiatry
 Dr. Catherine Hickey  Jacqueline Doran  864-3641

Internal Medicine
 Dr. Ian MacPherson  Jill Colbourne  864-2892

Medical Oncology
 Dr. Erin Powell  Amy Kelly  777-8751

 Dr. Bryan Curtis   Vacant  864-6657

 Dr. Linda Magnusson  Cory Rankin  864-2892

Obstetrics & Gynecology
 Dr. Maria Kielly  Lisa Trask  864-6606

Orthopedic Surgery
 Dr. Keegan Au  Jennifer Moran  864-6499

 Dr. Lynette Bowes  Blair Brush  777-4699

 Dr. Andrew Latus  Jacqueline Doran  864-3641

Surgical Foundations
 Dr. Michael Hogan  Jennifer Moran  864-6487

The typical period of training for most RCPSC training programs at Memorial is five years, post-MD.

Residents entering internal medicine and pediatrics go straight into core training; the typical period of training in these specialities is four years, post-MD.

Residents entering general internal medicine, medical oncology or nephrology must have successfully completed a minimum of three years of core internal medicine training; residents entering child and adolescent psychiatry or geriatric psychiatry must have successfully completed a minimum of four years of core psychiatry training. The typical period of training in these sub-specialities is two years post-core residency training.

Royal College training programs primarily use teaching sites under Eastern Health as the clinical setting; however, training sites under other health authorities are also used. Further information is available under Affiliated Teaching Hospitals.