Obesity Intervention and Prevention

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Fabien Basset Dr. Basset’s primary areas of research focus on environmental physiology, cardiorespiratory, and metabolic responses to exercise. Lately he has run experiments examining the acute and chronic responses to exercise in obese individuals, particularly investigating the effect of metabolic stress (induced by exercise, cold, or hypoxia) on substrate partitioning (as an indicator of the metabolic flexibility). fbasset@mun.ca
Michiru Hirasawa Weight regain following dieting is a significant setback for obesity intervention. We use animal models of yo-yo dieting to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying weight regain as well as  potential adverse effects of weight fluctuation on physiological functions. michiru@mun.ca
Guang Sun Identification of nutritional, hormonal and genetic factors involved in the development of human obesity and its comorbidities and interactions of these factors in promoting or reducing obesity at individual or group levels. gsun@mun.ca