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An image with text reading Mission: To Provide outstanding education and training to our postgraduate learners in an inclusive, respectful and safe environment, through effective administration, collaboration and coordination.

Welcome Memorial University postgraduate learners!

Within these pages you will find a guide to the personnel within the PGME office, all program directors, educational directors and faculty leads as well as their contact information.

Below you will find the means to access the body of policies that may impact you during your training as well as quick links to frequently used/required policies, procedures as well as guidelines and relevant forms.

An image with text reading Vision: A nation-leading postgraduate training hub offering integrated, accountable, evidence-based and systematic approaches to postgraduate training, supported by outstanding leaders, producing excellent physicians for today and tomorrow.

As the implementation of competence based medical education continues to evolve, we have a dedicated space for this.

In case you have a few minutes and would like to see what our strategic plan looks like, please feel free to review it further here.

S. Al-Asaaed | Associate Dean
Postgraduate Medical Education

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