Welcome to the Centre for Analytics, Informatics and Research (CAIR)

The Centre for Analytics, Informatics and Research (CAIR) is a high-performance computing centre with the capacity to rapidly process and analyze vast amounts of data and provide secure storage with off-site backups. CAIR staff assist researchers with determining the best tools for analysis, troubleshooting issues, secure transfer of data and results and back-up and data storage.

Through CAIR, Memorial researchers have access to one of Atlantic Canada's fastest computing environments. Projects utilizing CAIR will focus on innovation and research in such diverse fields as data science and astrophysics, genetic analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, image analysis and scientific computing.

CAIR supports the work of Data Platform and Services Core of the NL SUPPORT Unit, under CIHR's Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research. To learn more about our collaborative team, please click here.