The Planning stage consists of determining what data will be used and what costs and risks are involved with managing the data throughout the research data lifecycle.

Development of a data management plan will help determine what documentation is needed, how to securely manage the data throughout the research data lifecycle, including collection, storage, backups, analysis, collaboration and upon completion of the research project, preservation and final disposal.

Service Users Data Classification Accessibility
Research Data Management Subject Guide All -- Off campus
Faculty Web Sites Faculty, Staff, Students Internal/Public Off campus
Document Manager All Highly Sensitive Off campus
Google Workspace (students only) Students Internal/Public Off campus
Researcher Portal All -- Off campus
Consultation services for using the Siku High Performance Computation Cluster All Internal/Public Off campus
Microsoft 365 All Highly Sensitive Off campus
NextCloud Storage Service
(Memorial’s Centre for Analytics and Informatics in Research)
Faculty, Staff, Students Highly Sensitive Off campus

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