Committee Approval Process

Research and teaching faculty must submit an application for Animal Care Committee approval for all animal care and use, whether the work is to be conducted at Memorial, its affiliated institutions, or unaffiliated organizations. Approval is required before any animal work is undertaken, so it is recommended to have ethical approval in place well in advance of the planned start.

Protocol forms must be submitted to the Animal Care Committee at least two weeks in advance of the meeting date. This is to allow for adequate time for veterinary review and committee consultation.

Committee Meetings

Protocol Review Meetings are conducted once monthly. Questions that arise from discussion of the protocol proposal are then sent to faculty. Responses are required before the next committee meeting. Research and teaching faculty are welcome to present their work directly to the Committee.

It is strongly recommended that faculty members meet with one of the Animal Care and Veterinary Resources' veterinary professionals or departmental committee representatives prior to submitting protocols, as this can significantly facilitate the work going forward by clarifying questions in advance.

Policy and Administrative Review Meetings are conducted twice annually. This is a new feature as of 2013.  Committee members review and discuss existing animal care and use policies, consider new policies, review standard operating procedures (SOPs) and may conduct site visits.