Post Approval Exchange (PAX)

Engagement with the Animal Care Committee and Animal Care Veterinary Resources begins, not ends, with protocol approval. The Post-Approval Exchange ("PAX") program is Memorial's method of engaging in continuing review of all animal care and use protocols.

Continuing review is a regulatory requirement under the Canadian Council on Animal Care's Assessment & Certification program. Each year, the Animal Care Committee is required to report to the Canadian Council on Animal Care on the institution's animal care and use program. Every three years, a comprehensive review is undertaken, which includes not only the PAX program, but thorough reporting on protocols, programming, facilities, staffing and Animal Care Committee activities.

The Canadian Council on Animal Care mandates the institutional Animal Care Committees and their agents, the institutional veterinarians with continuing review of all animal care and use. Veterinarians and committee members then discuss animal health concerns, programming and infrastructure at committee members.

Post-approval Exchange constitutes several elements to provide the most comprehensive picture of Memorial's animal care and use program. These include:

  1. Discussions with veterinarians and veterinary technical staff
  2. Veterinary clinical rounds and Medical records review
  3. Discussions with Animal Care Committee members
  4. Presentations to the Animal Care Committee
  5. Site visits to Memorial's animal facilities and laboratories

It is recognized and understood that the vast majority of research and teaching is carried out appropriately and that instances of non-adherence to protocols are not common. Improvements are always sought in order to better validate the integrity of the research process.