About Internal Funding Sources

Memorial offers a number of grants to faculty members. All internal grants and awards will be posted in the database of upcoming Funding Opportunities

SSHRC Exchange

Formerly SSHRC Travel Grants Competitions

Paper Presentation at Scholarly Conferences*

The fund provides assistance for eligible persons (see competition guidelines for details), in disciplines supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), who are presenting the results of their research at scholarly conferences in Canada or elsewhere. Applications submitted to this competition are adjudicated using the Vice-President's Grants Committee Rating Scale for Conference Travel [pdf].

Travel Grants for International Representation*

The fund provides assistance for eligible persons (see competition guidelines for details), in disciplines supported by SSHRC, to attend business meetings of international scholarly organizations in which they hold office.

Research Pools*

Due to changes in policies, please consult wih your academic unit on the administration of Research Pool accounts.

Research Pool - General Policy

Other Grant Programs

Artistic/Creative Research Grants Program*

Although open to all members of faculty, this program will be of interest primarily to applicants from such areas as the School of Fine Arts, the School of Music, and from the Theatre/Drama Specialization of the Department of English, and would cover projects that would not qualify for funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. It is intended that in so far as is possible, these grants will be used to initiate projects which will be ongoing beyond the period of the initial grant through funding gained from extramural agencies.

Polar Knowledge Canada's Northern Scientific Training Program

This program provides supplementary funding to help graduate students or senior undergraduate students obtain practical fieldwork experience in the North. Projects in human, health, physical and life sciences to be carried out in northern Canada or the Arctic countries are eligible. This program is sponsored by the Polar Knowledge Canada.

Publications Subvention Program*

This program provides financial assistance to scholarly publishing from within the university community. While all forms of scholarly publication are eligible for support, priority will be given to original book-length manuscripts of merit. Book chapters and journal articles will be considered where funds permit.

Salary-Based Research Grants Program* 

This program permits, under certain conditions, a researcher to receive a research grant in lieu of salary, through a mechanism which includes peer review. The grant may be used for all the purposes of a grant-in-aid of research, except salary for the researcher. This program covers only research activities and is not intended to cover projects directed at teaching or the development of teaching-related skills.

Seed, Bridge and Multidisciplinary Fund*

As outlined in the Strategic Research Intensity Plan 2014-2020, the Seed, Bridge and Multidisciplinary Fund will seed new, “early days” innovative research projects, provide valuable bridge funding for researchers between grants, and encourage the development of multidisciplinary research activities which align with the priority research themes of the Research Strategy Framework. Normally, the fund will stimulate research intensity through student engagement, thereby enhancing the student research learning and training experience.

The fund provides assistance to a maximum of $10,000.00 towards short-term (up to 24 months) research projects undertaken by faculty members** in all disciplines.

**Complete eligibility criteria outlined in the Seed Bridge and Multidisciplinary program guidelines.

SSHRC Explore (Formerly SSHRC/Vice-President's Research Grants Competition)*

The fund provides assistance to a maximum of $7,000.00 towards short-term (normally 12-18 months) research projects undertaken by faculty members in disciplines supported by SSHRC.

The committee welcomes applications for partial support of projects for which a more comprehensive application is simultaneously made to SSHRC or some other external agency.

Requests from new faculty are encouraged, although requests from established faculty researchers for funding to initiate new avenues of research will be considered.

Award Programs

John Lewis Paton Distinguished University Professorship

This award, named for the first president of Memorial University College, recognizes faculty who embody the university's mission by demonstrating exceptional teaching, undertaking world-class research and sharing their knowledge and expertise widely. More information is available online.

University Research Professor

University Research Professors have acquired a designation above the rank of full professor. The title is the most prestigious award the university gives for research, and goes to faculty who have demonstrated a consistently high level of scholarship, including graduate student supervision and other mentoring activities, and whose research is of a truly international stature. More information is available online.

President's Award for Outstanding Research

The President's Awards for Outstanding Research recognizes young researchers who have made outstanding contributions to their scholarly disciplines. More information is available online.

Terra Nova Innovator Award

This award recognizes, promotes, and supports outstanding and innovative new faculty researchers at Memorial University of Newfoundland whose work impacts positively on their departments and whose research has the potential to be of significance to society at large. More information is available online.

*Application forms are available for the above-listed competition in fillable PDF format. Please note that if the deadline date falls on a weekend, applications will be due on the first work day following the deadline.

If you are having difficulty completing forms, please download the latest version of Adobe Reader for PC or Mac.

To access the Memorial Researcher Tools and Resources, as well as the Memorial Researcher Portal, please follow this link.