Publications from the VP Research


First-class research is at the heart of Memorial, and in turn we place a high value on sharing the story of our researchers and research teams. Individual faculties and schools have newsletters that specifically focus on the achievements of their unit.

Read more about our extraordinary research in the Gazette.

In the past, the Office of the Vice-President (Research) has published a magazine and annual report.

Research Matters (archive)

Research Matters showcased research activities from all of Memorial’s faculties, schools and units. It highlighted the achievements of researchers and research teams.

Research Report (archive)

The Research Report outlined the university’s major research accomplishments and progress towards its research goals. It also provided detail on the external research support that Memorial received.

Select unit-specific publications

The Annual (formerly ArtsWorld Newsletter (Faculty of Humanities and Social Science)

Benchmarks (Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science)  

The Bridge (Marine Institute)

MUNMED  (Faculty of Medicine) 

Prescience (Faculty of Science) 

Grenfell Connects (Grenfell Campus)