Elective's Portal Videos

AFMC Student Portal

  1. Introduction and Registration: This video outlines the purpose of the AFMC Student Portal and guides learners through registration and payment of fees.
  2. Homepage Dashboard: The most utilized and informative page in the Student Portal is the Homepage or Dashboard. This video guides learners through the Homepage/Dashboard’s various features.
  3. My Profile: All learners must complete the ‘My Profile’ section of the Student Portal. This section includes personal and academic information necessary to apply for visiting electives.
  4. Introduction to Applications and Electives Search: This video outlines the approach to visiting electives applications. This video also explains the various methods to search the Student Portal for visiting electives opportunities.
  5. University Pages: Each Canadian medical school listed on the Student Portal has a University Page which details special considerations for that university. Special considerations including immunization requirements, additional applications fees etc.
  6. Making an Application: This video guides learners through the process of creating a visiting electives application.
  7. Document Upload: With the Student Portal only one set of each Document (N95 mask fit, photo, police record check, immunization record etc.) needs to be uploaded. This video explains the process of uploading documents to the Student Portal and attaching them to applications.
  8. Limited Enrollment Registrations: This video explains the applications to host institutions where a two-step application process is required. These ‘Limited Enrollment Registrations’ are in place for visiting elective opportunities that are competitive or have limited spots.
  9. Helpdesk: The AFMC has a separate webpage called the “Helpdesk” which has an FAQ section on the Student Portal and allows learners to submit queries to support staff. This video explains how to register for and utilize the Helpdesk.
  10. Applying to Schools Not Listed on the Student Portal: Not all of the 17 medical schools in Canada are listed on the Student Portal. This video explains how to access an eLearning module on the MUN MedCAREERS webpage which explains the application procedure for these unlisted schools.