Faculty Council

The Faculty of Medicine’s measures of governance includes our Faculty Council, which is representative of all faculty, students and some staff. This group meets monthly throughout the academic year.

The function of Faculty Council is:

  • to discuss and take action on academic matters affecting the Faculty
  • to consider and determine all courses of study and all matters relating to courses of study for the education programs of the Faculty of Medicine with referral for consideration to the appropriate university body   
  • to approve the candidates for degrees of Doctor of Medicine
  • to discuss and where necessary approve recommendations of the committees and Standing Committees
  • to review faculty council bylaws every 5 years
  • to discuss and take action upon matters relating to the accreditation of all programs and centres
  • to receive items of information from within the faculty

Faculty Council ByLaws
Faculty Council Constitution

Several Standing Committees are overseen by the Faculty Council. These include:

Admissions Committee
Appeals Committee
Graduate Studies Curriculum Committee
Postgraduate Medical Education Committee
Professional Development Council
Student Promotions Committee
Undergraduate Medical Studies Committee