Medical Graduate Students Society (MGSS)

The Medical Graduate Student Society (MGSS) is a student-based, student-run society representing all graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine.

Looking to contact MGSS? Reach out via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or email.  

The goals of MGSS are to:

  • Provide opportunities for social interaction between students, faculty, and staff through organized events and activities.
  • Provide graduate student representation on academic and administrative committees.
  • Act as a conduit between graduate students and faculty/administration regarding academic and administrative issues.
  • Support community outreach initiatives.
  • Provide peer support to graduate students within the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Provide monetary support to graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine through scholarship(s) in conjunction with Research and Graduate Studies (RGS)

Your MGSS Executives for 2023-2024 are:

President – Keeley Barnable
Vice-President – Nash Denic
Secretary – Sarah Hartery
Treasurer – Jennifer Zagrodnik
Social Chair(s) – Ashley Baker & Jocshan Loaiza
Accessibility Advocate – Hilary Hennessey
International Student Representative – Shamila Yazdanpanah
GSU Chair – Zia Hasan
Sports & Wellness Chair – Sepideh Rajeziesfahani
Communications Chair – Sydney Hillier
Indigenous Student Representative – Makaela Blake

Program Representatives:

Cancer & Development – Nash Denic
Human Genetics – Ashley Baker
Immunology & Infectious Disease – Natasha Norton
Neuroscience – Marzieh Sedighipour
Cardiovascular & Renal Sciences – Zhanné Hopkinson
Health Ethics – Keeley Barnable
Clinical Epidemiology – Reem Abdelrahim
Community Health & Humanities – Kazeem Adefemi
Public Health – Tessa Firth