Session Bookings

Interested in booking an educational activity with us? 

Application deadlines:

Calls for all CLSC event bookings are made every spring and fall with deadlines of June 1 (for Fall events) and December 1 (for Winter/Spring events), annually.


  1. Other MUN faculties, community and private sector requests taken before the deadlines will be considered, once Faculty of Medicine requests are allocated and confirmed.
  2. For all confirmed users, any material requested and all supporting documentation (ex. SP cases, timing for stations, etc ) must be submitted 8 weeks prior to the event.

To begin the process of booking a room or event within the center, please submit a session booking form.
Please note that the Faculty of Medicine has first priority for academic bookings at the CLSC. However, we also work with other faculties within the Memorial community as well as Eastern Health. 

Do you need to book an activity after the application deadline has passed? Please fill out a booking form and we will attempt to accommodate your request when space and staffing availability allows.

Unfortunately, submitting after the above deadlines does not guarantee we can accommodate it, therefore please submit activity requests by the deadlines listed above.

Contact Us

Please note that the normal hours of operation for the CLSC are Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Scheduling use of the facility at times other than regular operating hours requires approval by the Management Team.
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