Happy Valley-Goose Bay

The Labrador Health Centre is located in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. The hospital has 25 beds, a 24-hour emergency department and outpatient clinics, staffed by family physicians. Each family physician is also responsible for the medical care of a North Coast community. Specialists include a general surgeon, an anesthetist and an obstetrician/gynecologist. There are a number of visiting specialists who provide services at the Labrador Health Centre on a regular basis. 

Other community health services such as primary health care, health promotion and education, youth services programming and cervical screening initiatives are offered from additional sites in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Upon their arrival to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, students may take a taxi to the Labrador Health Centre to pick up a package of information which will hold their keys and address to the apartment. On the first day of the rotation students are provided with a general orientation to the Labrador Health Centre. 

Community Overview

Happy Valley-Goose Bay is located in central Labrador on the coast of Lake Melville and the Churchill River. The population of Happy Valley-Goose Bay is approximately 8,000.

For more information about Happy Valley-Goose Bay, visit: www.happyvalley-goosebay.com

Transportation & Accommodations
There is no public transportation in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, however taxi services are available: Cooneys Taxi at 709-896-3333.

Learners training in either the hospital or clinics are provided accommodations whenever possible. For more information about accommodations, please contact the APA for Happy Valley-Goose Bay at dme.labradorgrenfell@mun.ca.
Contact Information

Labrador Health Centre Switchboard Phone Number: 709-897-2000.

If you require contact information or additional information about Happy Valley-Goose Bay, please connect with the APA for Labrador at dme.labradorgrenfell@mun.ca.