The Dr. G. B. Cross Memorial Hospital is located in Clarenville. The hospital has 47 acute care beds, 42 long-term care beds, and two respite care beds. The long term care patients are located in the Dr. Albert O’Mahony Manor. This is a long term care facility that is attached to the hospital.
Services include: anesthesia, chemotherapy, family practice, general surgery, gynecology, obstetrics, ICU/Cardiac, internal medicine, laboratory, palliative care, pathology, pediatrics, psychiatry, radiology, respiratory therapy, ultrasonography and 24-hour emergency (category A). Other services include nursing, nutritional, pharmacy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pastoral care, social work, diabetic education and speech language pathology.  Visiting clinics include: neurology and ophthalmology.

The Clarenville area also includes medical clinics in the communities of Arnold's Cove, Clarenville and Port Blandford.

Please remember to wear your name tag at all times while in the clinic. No aftershave, perfume or scented deodorants are permitted. 

Medical learners already received an Eastern Health orientation in St. John’s and this is consistent with orientation that is done in the Clarenville Hospital.  As a result, medical students and residents are not required to redo the orientation while training elsewhere in the rural Eastern Region.  

Community Overview

Clarenville has a population of approximtely 5,800 and their catchment for Dr. G.B.Cross Memorial Hopsital includes a population of roughly 20,000. General Information about Clarenville can be found at: 

Transportation & Accommodations

There is no public transit in Clarenville.  The phone number for Seaview Taxi is: 709-466-2666.  

Learners training in either the hospital or clinics are provided accommodations whenever possible. For more information about accommodations, please contact the APA for Clarenville and area at

Contact Information

Dr. G.B. Cross Memorial Hispital Switchboard Phone Numner: 709-466-3411, press 0

If you require the contact information or additional information about Clarenville and the surrounding area, please connect with the APA for Clarenville and area at