Graduate Registration

Courses should be registered online through the self-service student portal.

Click here for a step by step guide!

New Students

New graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine who are just beginning their graduate programme are required to register for MED 9900.  Students must register for this in order to be in their graduate programme. This also lets the Cashier’s office bill the student account appropriately. This is important since graduate students pay for their graduate program, not individual courses but for the actual degree/diploma. Students choose a payment plan when they accept the offer of acceptance (see below).

Continuing Graduate Students

Continuing Graduate Students, excluding international students (see below), are automatically registered in MED 9900.

*Current graduate students please check to see that your MED 9900 has rolled over for the current semester. If for some reason it has not, please give the Research and Graduate Studies office a call at 864-6337.

Students Returning After Leaves of Absence

All students returning after a leave of absence must initially register for the appropriate graduate registration.  For the Faculty of Medicine, MED 9900 is the graduate registration.  Once registered, students’ can register for their individual courses.

International Students

International students upon arrival to this university will be expected to report to the International Student Advisor located in Corte Real, Burtons Pond Apartment, 1st Floor; and to the School of Graduate Studies general office located in the INCO Innovation Centre, Room 2012 and present your Study Permit.  Please note that once you present your study permit to the School of Graduate Studies office, you will then be permitted to register

Visiting Research Students

Visiting research students must register for GRAD 9900 by means of a course change form. This form maybe obtained from the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, Room 2M409, Medical Education Centre.  Once this form is filled out it must be signed by Dr. Jules Dore, Assistant Dean, Research and Graduate Studies, Faculty of Medicine and submitted to the School of Graduate Studies. This must be done at the beginning of every new semester.

Course Registration

Registration for the fall semester begins in late August; for the winter semester, it begins in mid-December; and for the spring semester, in late April. The exact dates maybe found in the university calendar.