College of Family Physicians of Canada

Residency Programs & Directors
Program  Program Director Administration Phone #
Family Medicine Dr. Russell Dawe  Dawn Corbett 864-6509
Emergency Medicine Dr. Peter Rogers  Elizabeth Gauci 864-6535
Care of the Elderly Dr. Susan Mercer  Elizabeth Gauci 864-6535
Care of Underserved Populations Dr. Françoise Guigne  Elizabeth Gauci 864-6535

Family medicine is a two-year program leading to certification by the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Prospective applicants have five family medicine residency choices, referred to as streams: Eastern Stream, Central Stream, Western Stream, Northern Goose Bay Stream or Northern Nunavut Stream.

Having a primarily rural focus, regional training sites are used in the delivery of the program. Further information is available under Affiliated Teaching Hospitals.

The Discipline of Family Medicine also offers three third-year enhanced skills programs to assist residents in developing specialized skills in focused areas: Emergency Medicine, Care of the Elderly, and Care of Underserved Populations.  
Applications are open to current second year family medicine residents as well as practising family physicians who wish to return to do focused education.