Scholarship Opportunities

These opportunities are listed by application deadline date.

NOTE: Any external funding opportunities will have a 4-business day internal deadline to the RGS Office and will require completion of this RGS Approval Form.  You will also need to submit the application and the completed signed approval form through the MUN Researcher Portal (see instructions).

Faculty of Medicine Scholarship Application Form (2024)

September 6, 2024

Sceptre Investment Counsel Limited Bursary

The Jacqueline Sheppard and Randell Pardy Innovation Award

The William H. and Bertha Baird Memorial Scholarship

August 1, 2024

AG Hatcher Memorial Scholarship

FA Aldrich Graduate Award

School of Graduate Studies FA Aldrich Fellowship

TD Graduate Bursary for Environmental Study

July 12, 2024 at 10AM (via the Researcher Portal)

Janeway Research Advisory Committee call for applications

February 16, 2024

Laurence and Gladys Sweeney Fund Scholarship

The Ellen Gillis Memorial Scholarship

February 9, 2024

Apu Akbar Memorial Award

Dr. Chelsey Blackwood Graduate Scholarship in Fisheries Innovation

Graduate Students' Union Award for Academic Excellence

Graduate Students' Union Award for Leadership

Jane Doe Award in Anti-Violence Research

The Rev. Dr. Bernard J. O'Connor Scholarship

February 1, 2024

The Mackenzie King Memorial (OPEN & TRAVELLING) Scholarships

January 24, 2024

Bautista Graduate Bursary in Medicine

Colman Graduate Student Award

Dean’s Building a Healthy Tomorrow Award

Dr. Alfred TH Burness Graduate Award in Medicine

Dr. Anna C. Templeton Memorial Graduate Scholarship

Dr. Angus J. Neary Genetics Scholarship

Dr. Bruce and Bernice Sells Award

Dr. Detlef Beiger Neuroscience Award

Dr. Jorge Segovia Scholarship (plus Dr. Jorge Segovia Scholarship - application form)

Dr. Noreen Golfman Graduate Fellowship

Dr. Roger C. Green Graduate Scholarship in Human Genetics

Dr. Thomas Michalak Award in Medicine

Ever Green Environmental Scholarship in Social Enterprise & Mental Health, in Memory of Edwin M. Drover

Faculty of Medicine Graduate Scholarship

Mrs. Bernice C. Finney Graduate Scholarship in Pediatrics

The Rose M. Patten Graduate Scholarship in Genetics Research