Military Medicine

The Canadian Forces (CF) offers many financial advantages to medical learners and residents if they are willing to serve in the Forces after they complete their training. You may wish to consider this option at some point in your medical education.

The Medical Officer Training Plan (MOTP) provides a path to a challenging and rewarding career.

Some of the paid benefits are :

  • tuition and textbooks will be subsidized
  • salary while in medical school and residency
  • sizable recruitment bonus
  • pension plan starts as soon as you join the program (includes medical school)

In return, you will be required to apply to a Family Medicine Residency program, you will have a four-year return of service to the CAF, upon completion of your Family Medicine Residency, you could be posted to any military base in Canada. You will be expected to deploy on missions (e.g., conflict, post-conflict, humanitarian, etc.)

You can view additional information here. Contact LWS for additional information.