Memorial employs a holistic process to review applications. The Interview Committee reviews all aspects of the application taking into consideration challenges and hardships disclosed by the applicant as well as achievements and noteworthy successes.
Selection for interview is not based solely on academic performance and MCAT score, however, all applicants must demonstrate an academic ability to handle a high workload. Equally important is a competitive CASPer score, work experience, and volunteering and/or community involvement.

Applicants who are not invited for interview can seek feedback on their application until the end of the cycle, typically the end of June. Once a new cycle begins, requests for feedback on old applications are not provided and prospective re-applicants have the option for a general appointment.
To request an appointment with the Admissions Officer, please email

Memorial University uses a one-way hybrid interview format that includes an 8-station MMI and a 30-minute competencies assessment, which is scored by three assessors. Due to COVID-19, all interviews were conducted online and will remain so until further notice.

Applicants invited for interview are send clear directions on how to check their video and sound in the days prior to the interview; such checks are tracked internally and can be verified when complete. If an applicant’s video or sound does not work due to failure to complete the appropriate checks as advised, their interview cannot be scored, and will be forfeited. As a result, their application will be closed.