Shadowing Coordinators

There are 2 learner coordinators for the Physician Shadowing Program here at MUN Med, a Junior Learner Shadowing Coordinator (from 1st year) and a Senior Learner Shadowing Coordinator (from 2nd year). If you are elected to the Junior role in 1st year, you will move into the Senior role in 2nd year. At the end of 2nd year, your role will end.
If you are entering Phase 1 and are considering running for the position of Junior Learner Coordinator, here's a description of the role:

What are the duties of the Learner Shadowing Coordinators?

  • Work with Learner Success Consultant and the Director(s) of Learner Well-Being and Success to coordinate the Phase 1 learner orientation session (usually held in October)
  • Work with Learner Success Consultant and the Director(s) of Learner Well-Being and Success to coordinate the Phase 1 OR scrub course (usually held in December)
  • Disseminate, collect and organize the electronic Shadowing Specialty Selection Forms from all learners 
  • Work with your Senior Learner Shadowing Coordinator to complete the Shadowing Match for all learners and compile results in an Excel spreadsheet (usually in November)
  • Disseminate the results of the completed Shadowing Match to learners 
  • Ensure learner shadowing experiences run smoothly for the remainder of the school year
  • Recruit new physicians into the Shadowing Program, on an ongoing basis
  • Keep the Learner Well-Being and Success office up to date on any issues that arise within the program
  • When you become the Senior Learner Shadowing Coordinator, you will also be responsible for orientating the incoming Junior Coordinator as they settle into their new role

What kind of skills are important for this job?

  • COMMUNICATION (with your Senior Learner Shadowing Coordinator, Learner Well-Being and Success, your classmates, physicians in the program, etc.)
  • ORGANIZATION (keeping up to date on your duties [especially email], saving and organizing the Shadowing Specialty Form that each learner will send to you, etc.)
  • TECHNOLOGICAL (mostly using email, Excel, Google Sheets, pdf files, Microsoft Word)
  • CRITICAL THINKING (to find creative solutions to issues when they arise)

Are the Learner Coordinators financially compensated for their work?

  • Historically, these positions have been available through MUCEP (Memorial's Undergraduate Career Experience Program), but funding for these 2 positions vary from year to year. Visit MUCEP to learn more.