IPE Learners

This page is meant as a starting point for learners participating in IPE programming at Memorial.  

The details of learner involvement in CCHPE programs changes from one academic faculty/school to the next.  For example, learners in the Faculty of Medicine complete the Collaborative Mental Health Care Module as part of the requirement for their course, MED 6770:  Physician Competencies III, whereas learners in the Centre for Nursing Studies complete the same module as required for their course NURS 3001.  Course attachment and assessment details are too complex to summarize here.  Learners should consult with CCHPE or course instructors / admininstrators in their own programs to confirm the assessment and grading details for their involvement in IPE.  


If you're enroled in an IPE activity, you can find all the specific, up-to-date learning materials online on Brightspace.  Each IPE activity will have its own Brightspace page, and all Memorial learners will be able to access Brightspace online.  There are required tasks for every IPE activity found only on Brightspace, so please log in and explore for more specific details.

Currently Active IPE Programs:

IPE Skills Training Series

The IPE Skills Training Series is a two-year program covering four IPE topics.  Learners complete Series topics in the same small interprofessional teams from start to finish, ideally with the same faculty/clinical facilitator as a guide.  The learning activities that comprise the Series topics focus on collaborative skill development (communication and conflict management, for example), and less on clinical problem-solving (diagnoses and care planning).

A detailed breakdown of the schedule, learning content and assessment structures for learners can be found here (Link Coming Soon).  

You can find out more about the topics in the Series by visiting IPE Skills Training Series.

Case-Based IPE Learning Modules

Unlike the IPE Skills Training Series, the three Case-Based IPE Learning Modules offered by CCHPE are not completed in the same small interprofessional teams, and each module is independent of the others.  This means learners might not complete any of the modules even if they complete the entire Skills Training Series, and vice versa.  The Modules focus much more closely on collaborative, clinical practice in specific areas of care (HIV care and Mental Health, as examples).  

You can find out more about the Modules by visiting Case-Based IPE Learning Modules.

Other Useful Links for Learners

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Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (for Brightspace support)
Writing Resouce Centre
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