Leave Requests

Faculty members are eligible for a variety of leaves in accordance with their particular appointment within the Faculty of Medicine. These leaves are guided by university policy and further information is available able below:

Administrative Leave
Administrators in the Faculty of Medicine in the role of dean, vice dean, associate deans, assistant deans, and chairs are eligible for administrative leave following a period of service based on their role. The university policy refers to the details as appropriate.

Sabbatical Leave

Memorial University of Newfoundland supports sabbatical leave for its MUNFA and Geographic Full-time (GFT) clinical faculty members. Sabbatical leave provides faculty members with the opportunity to take time away from their normal academic duties to engage in scholarly activities. 

MUNFA faculty members and encouraged to review article 22 of the collective agreement for specific requirements.

GFT clinical faculty members are encouraged to review the Sabbatical Leave Policy - Clinical Faculty for specific requirements.

If you have questions about sabbatical leave, please contact your associate dean, chair or manager or academic affairs.