Other Canada

Other Canada Applicants

International applications are no longer accepted. All applicants must be Canadian citizens or be Permanent Residents of Canada. 

Applicants who do not meet the residency criteria for the Newfoundland & Labrador, Nunavut, or Prince Edward Island pools should apply under the Other Canada pool.

The Other Canada pool is highly competitive and receives over 450 applications each year for only 6 seats.
Due to this rigorous competition and a high volume of applications received, applicants must be competitive to advance in the application process. Successful applicants from this pool have had a minimum overall MCAT score of 510 with 127 or higher on the CARS section and a minimum academic average of 85%. These are general guidelines only, based on the average academic statistics of previous applications to this pool. As MUN uses a holistic approach to assess applications, applicants must also have a variety of paid work experiences and valuable people-centred extracurricular activities that demonstrate a commitment to supporting the community and helping others, in addition to excellent references. Applicants who do not adequately demonstrate that they meet all these requirements will not be considered for an interview.

Canadian applicants applying who have attended post-secondary institutions outside of North America will need an official credential evaluation completed by an accredited educational servicewhich must bypass the applicant, going directly to the Admissions Office from the education service. Transcripts need to be sent directly from the post-secondary institution to the educational service and also by-passing the applicant.