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Recommendation for Admission 

Where agreement is reached between the Program Coordinator and a potential supervisor to recommend acceptance of a candidate, the faculty member will recruit a minimum of two other faculty members to serve on a supervisory committee (see Supervisory Committee, below). In consultation with the Program Coordinator and, where possible, with the candidate, the supervisory committee submits to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies the following forms: Program of Study, First Supervisory Report and a funding form. The application is then reviewed by all the Program Coordinators, who will recommend acceptance, or not, into the graduate program in the Faculty of Medicine. Applications approved by the Program Coordinators and the Associate Dean - Graduate Studies (Medicine) will be forwarded to the Dean of Graduate Studies, with whom the final decision rests. Applicants for whom there is no supervisor will not be accepted into the Faculty of Medicine graduate program and the RGS Office will notify the School of Graduate Studies that these files should be closed when instructed by each Program Coordinator or Program Review Committee.