Physician FAQs

What are the expectations for physicians joining the MedCAREERS Shadowing Program?

  • Let us know of your (rough) availability for the year (eg. gone months Jan - March, leaving for maternity leave in July, back in December, don't have room for shadowing learners in Sept - Dec, etc.)

Understand where in their learning these learners are:

  • First and second year learners have limited clinical experience and are learning their basic history taking and physical exam skills

Know the purpose of the program:

  • Learning the ins and outs of various medical specialties, including work hours, degree of patient interaction, lifestyle, etc.
  • Networking 
  • Seeking mentorship
  • Clinical exposure in areas learners may not get to experience in the standard curriculum (eg. ophthalmology, ENT surgery, nuclear medicine)

Can learners join me for shift work/on-call?

  • Yes, learners are often interested in seeing what the work schedule is truly like for different specialties and if you both agree, the learner can join for evening/night/weekend shifts and on-call shifts

How long do I have to commit to the program for?

  • You can withdraw from the program at anytime, just contact our Learner Coordinators or Learner Well-Being and Success to let them know. You are also encouraged to update us with your months of availability on an ongoing basis. The Office of Learner Well-Being and Success will contact physicians in the program periodically to ensure all contact information is up to date and that you wish to continue in the program.