Learner Support

The Office of Learner Well-Being and Success presentation will take place during orientation. The Associate Dean, Dr. Greg Radu, along with other Learner Well-Being and Success personnel, will provide a more in-depth overview of what the Office of Learner Well-Being and Success has to offer students. Here is a look at some of our supports and services.

The primary mandate of the Office of Learner Well-Being and Success is to support undergraduate learners. Our office is a space where learners should feel free to discuss personal matters without fear of judgement or retribution. We also employ a written confidentiality policy that is specifically designed to give learners a full understanding of the scope and limitations of our commitment to confidentiality.

We value our medical learners and the Well-Being Office offers confidential support services to promote and support everyone's health, well-being, and success; the Office of Well-Being and Success proactively aims to enhance learner well-being through the education and facilitation of well-being activities, skill development opportunities, and also aims to respond effectively with appropriate support when learners face challenges that impact their mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
The Well-Being Office offers:

  • Confidential counsultants and well-being coaching
  • Referrals to appropriate services (such as expedited referrals to the University Student Well-Being and Counselling Center)
  • Support during academic remediation
  • Disability and accommodation support
  • Well-being programming and workshops
  • Well-being events

Please visit our Well-Being page for more information about our services.

University Student Wellness and Counselling Centre
Medical learners are also able to contact the University Student Wellness Centre. Services are provided to all university learners free of charge through the University Student Wellness and Counselling Centre. The office is open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Summer Hours 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.). All services are provided to Memorial University learners free of charge.

Counsellors provide the following types of supports and services: learning enhancement for coping with study workload, improving communication and organization skills, essay writing, group skills, personal concerns, relaxation training, personality growth, test anxiety management, sexuality concerns, assertiveness training, and gender awareness.

Student Wellness and Counselling Centre
5th Floor, Room UC 5000
T: 709 864-8500

    Financial Support

Our staff provides learners with access to education about financial awareness and debt management. Our goal is to help you manage your debt and provide a practical cost and debt projection during your degree and understand how this will impact you as you start residency.
Medical learners may face unique financial challenges and are encouraged to contact us early in your program to help develop a practical plan to finance the cost of medical school. Throughout your time in the Faculty of Medicine, you will receive a series of information sessions pertaining to specific financial topics, such as debt management and insurance planning. You will also have an opportunity to discuss any financial concerns you may have.

Visit our website for more information about the cost of medical school, health insurance, scholarships and bursaries, and other academic awards. You can also feel free to consult our Financial Resources Video Series.
   Learner Health Insurance
Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association (NLMA) members have been eligible to apply for coverage under the group insurance plans of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) since 1980. Student members are eligible for life, extended health care, and dental insurance plans. A special student disability benefit is also available.
The MUN Students' Union (MUNSU) operates a number of services to meet the unique needs of members and to
help members save money. One of the services they offer is the MUN Students' Union Health and Dental plans. All
full-time undergraduate students are enrolled in these plans when they register. Fees for the health and dental
plans are collected by the University in the fall and winter semesters. Because the plans operate on a 12-month
basis, students attending Memorial full-time for a full academic year are covered until the following August.

Each student covered under the health plan will receive a pay-direct drug card. These cards ensure that students
receive benefits when prescriptions are purchased and therefore are not required to submit claims forms. Learners should retain this card for as long as they are undergraduate learners and remain enrolled in the health
plan. Drug cards for those students who do not return to MUN the following academic year will be deactivated on
August 31 of that year.
Learners with a spouse and/or dependents have the option to purchase family coverage through the MUN Students’ Union.
Learners already covered under an extended health plan (i.e. a plan other than a provincial health care plan) or
dental plan may choose to opt-out of the Students' Union plans to receive a refund of health and dental fees. As the
Union's plans include benefits specifically designed for students' needs, retaining the coverage will increase total
coverage and further reduce health care costs.

Learn about the details of the plans as well as how to opt-out or into the plans by visiting the MUNSU website,
link below. A planning booklet and other relevant information can be found in the Health and Dental Section which is
listed under the Students’ Union Services on the MUNSU website. If you would prefer, you can drop by the MUNSU Office on the 2nd floor of the University Centre, or phone 709 864 7633. 

Throughout your medical undergraduate training, you will likely have questions about choosing the medical specialty that is best for you. We are ready to provide information, resources, and events that can help you make an informed decision about your future career in medicine.
MUN MedCAREERS is a career advising and planning program based, with permission, on the original American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) Careers in Medicine (CiM).
You will learn about your own values, skills, and interests, how to explore your options, choosing a specialty, and getting into residency.
One of our Faculty Directors will assist you in identifying which specialty options may be right for you. Email to request an appointment. 
Visit MUN MedCAREERS for more information.
     Administrative and Other Services
The Office of Learner Well-Being and Success offers several supports and services to learners in the Faculty of Medicine. The following is a list of just some of the services we offer. For more information, please email lws@mun.ca, call (709) 864-6333, or drop by the office, M2M115.
We provide lockers in a dedicated locker room. They are assigned by the Office of Learner Well-Being and Success so drop by M2M115 to sign out a locker. You will need to provide your own lock.
Computer, fax, and printing services
Fax and printing services (as well as the use of a computer) are available through the Office of Learner Well-Being and Success. There is no cost for sending or receiving faxes.

There is a phone in the Office of Learner Well-Being and Success, M2M115, that is available for learner use, as well as one in the Student's Lounge.
As you may have heard, there is a shortage of parking available on campus. The parking garage across from the
Medical Education Center (corner of Clinch Crescent and Arctic Avenue) does have pay and display parking available.
Please visit the MUN Parking Site for more information about the University-wide undergraduate student parking permit lottery.
Memorial’s Traffic and Parking Regulations are in effect 24/7 on the St. John’s campus. This includes requiring a permit for evening parking or using paid parking. Evening permits are available at the parking office for $12.11 a semester.
There are a total of 558 pay and display parking spaces available on campus in addition to 254 metered spaces.
St. Augustine's Anglican Church parking lot is a pay and display parking lot under external management. In addition,
there are pay and display lots on the north side of campus in both parking garages. For more information,
consult one of the MUN campus maps
If you are rethinking your mode of transportation, please MUN's Sustainable Transportation page for options and information on alternative ways to get to campus.