Bonne Bay

Bonne Bay Health Centre is located in the town of Norris Point and provides Primary Health Care Services and Long Term Care Services to the Communities of Cow Head, Parsons Pond, Daniel’s Harbour, Woody Point, and Trout River for a total population of approximately 5000.  The centre is a 22 bed facility with an allocation of 14 long term care beds and 8 acute care beds which includes one palliative care bed.  The centre also operates 5 Satellite Medical Clinics at Woody Point, Trout River, Cow Head, Parson’s Pond and Daniel’s Harbour.
The Health Services provided include: Medical Service, nursing services, emergency care services, out-patient clinics, laboratory & diagnostic services, clinical dietician, palliative care, occupational therapy/physiotherapy services, social work services, telehealth consultation, and pharmacy services. 

Learners who visit Bonne Bay will receive via email an Oath of Confidentiality and a request form for Meditech/PACS.  They will also be asked to submit PHIA Certificates, Immunization Records and Meditech/PACS request forms electronically prior to their arrival.  There is no formal orientation on the first day in Bonne Bay but learners will receive their access card and Meditech/PACS access information upon their arrival. 
It is advised that learners directly contact their preceptor to discuss the time that they should arrive at the clinic on the first day and what time they will meet the preceptor. The preceptor or his/her staff will orient the learner to the clinic.

Community Overview
Norris Point is located just off the Viking Trail, Route 430, which progresses from L’Anse aux Meadows and St. Anthony at the northern tip of Newfoundland south to Deer Lake.  It is considered a park community by visitors to the region even though it is not physically located within the Gros Morne boundaries and its economy and culture have been and still are tied to its resource base. Although resources have been traditionally defined as extractive, resources may include the people and activities, as well as natural surroundings which offer no harvested commodity. These resources will become more important in a tourism context when recognized and celebrated.
For a complete list of services available in Bonne Bay/Norris Point please visit:

Transporation & Accommodations
There is no public transportation in Norris Point, however there are Taxi Services: Pittman’s Taxi 709-458-2486.

Learners training in either the hospital or clinics are provided accommodations whenever possible. For more information about accommodations, please contact the APA for Bonne Bay at
Contact Information

Bonne Bay Health Centre Switchboard Phone Number: 709-458-2211.

If you require contact information or additional information about Bonne Bay and the surrounding area, please connect with the APA for Bonne Bay at