I recently got funding for a new grant, how does a grant number get set up and when can I start spending on my research?

  • Grants are set up in RIS (Research Initiatives and Services). RIS will notify FAS (Finances and Administrative Services) that a new grant needs to be set up for a PI. FAS will notify the FoM finance office that a banner signing form will need to be created – the finance office grant administrator will reach out to the PI and request the PI to supply the grant administrator with a list of names who should be listed on the form to access the grant, ie: Admin Staff or Researchers. The form will needed to be signed and dated by the PI. The signed form will need to be returned to the grant administrator for final approval and to be sent to FAS. FAS will finish the grant setup and provide the grant administrator with the grant number. The grant administrator will review the grant information in banner to ensure all information matches the original request. If all the information matches, the grant administrator will email the PI, as well as any other required individuals, a copy of the grant number along with the grant opening documentation. At this point the PI will be able to use this grant.

How do I obtain an extension on my research grant?

  • External grants – An extension should be requested in writing from the sponsor. The sponsor’s approval should be uploaded to the Romeo Research portal for processing by the RIS (Research Initiatives and Services) office. If you require assistance with the extension process you may contact the RGS Manager – FoM
  • Internal grants – An extension request should be requested in writing to RGS Manager – FoM –for approval and then uploaded to the Romeo Research portal.

Angela Dunn (RGS Manager)

How do I find the current balance in my grant?

  • Log into Banner and use the direct access FRIGITD and put in the grant number in the respective field, remove program and press enter to obtain current available balance. If you are unable to get a balance or do not have access to Banner; either contact your departmental administrative person or the grant project accountant at Note: If the organization number has been changed on your grant since it first opened, you can run a FGITBSR report to get the balance in your account. Simply put in the grant number and you can get the balance. If you cannot get the balance you can either; contact your departmental administrative person or the grant project accountant.

How do I know if an item is eligible on my research grant?

  • Each PI will get a copy of their approved budget with their grant opening. The budget is used as a guideline to assist with purchases for the project. If you are unsure of eligibility, you can either contact the Grant Project Accountant in the Finance Office at or The Research Manager at main financial administrative services (Melissa Squire at ). Melissa will advise if the item would be considered eligible or if the item is questionable, she may have to go back to the sponsor for a ruling.

Tri-agency Guidelines

What is a Form 300, who prepares and signs this form?

  • The Form 300 is a statement of account for the expenses for a given time period. This form is prepared by the Research Accounting office of the Financial and Administrative Services office of Memorial. This form is then sent to the Principal Investigator named on the grant, for review. If the numbers are correct, the PI will sign, date and the signed Form 300 must be returned to FoM Finance Office to either the Grant Project Accountant or the Grant Administrator. The original will be scanned and saved in the FoM finance office drive and the original will be sent to Research Accounting office of FAS.

If I receive additional funding from current sponsor, can I deposit into an existing grant?

  • Additional funds cannot be added to an existing grant. In some cases an amendment can be processed through the RIS (Research Initiatives and Services) office if the funding is related to the project and is from the same funding agency. However, RIS may indicate that a new grant may need to be set up if funding is unrelated to the existing project and not from the same funding agency.

If I purchased an item from my personal funds, can I get reimbursed from my research grant?

  • If the expenditure is an eligible expense you can be reimbursed for that item. However, it is recommended that all expenses be processed by the Purchasing Office, Faculty of Medicine.

See reimbursement section for directions on how to be reimbursed.

How are the funds deposited into my account?

  • Funds pertaining to your grant will be deposited into your account as outlined in your grant opening agreement. If you are unsure about how the funds will be received and deposited into your account, you should reach out to Grant Project Accountant at