About Us

About Us

The Centre for Collaborative Health Professional Education brings together a unique mix of people, activities, and resources in the service of better education for health professionals.  Explore this page to find out more about who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Our Mission

CCHPE's mission is to provide leadership in interprofessional education and research that will improve the access, quality, safety and efficiency of health and social care provided to the public by:

  • partnering with health and social care institutions, agencies and practitioners to improve the delivery of collaborative care; 
  • preparing students, faculty and health and social care professionals with knowledge and skills in collaborative care; and
  • generating knowledge and producing valuable evidence through research related to collaborative health and social care.

Our Goals

CCHPE's goals are to:

  • develop interprofessional education curriculum for both learners and practitioners;
  • develop evaluation tools and frameworks for interprofessional education and collaborative practice;
  • develop research initiatives and networks related to interprofessional education and collaborative practice;
  • provide faculty development related to interprofessional education and collaborative practice; and
  • develop leaders in interprofessional education and collaborative practice

Our Organization

A Governing Council comprised of the Deans and Directors (or their representatives) of participating academic units at Memorial University guides the work of the Centre for Collaborative Health Professional Education (CCHPE).  

CCHPE’s programs and research activities are led by the Centre’s Director who:

  • Is appointed by and report to the Governing Council;
  • Has demonstrated scholarly expertise and achievement in interprofessional education and practice and experience in administration;
  • Oversees the work of the Centre; and
  • Is appointed for a term of three years, renewable once following review.

The Interprofessional Education Planning Committee, comprised of Associate Deans/Directors of participating academic units advise on the planning and organization of initiatives at the pre-licensure education level and liaise with their respective undergraduate studies committees and their faculty.

CCHPE’s faculty and staff provide support for research and curricular activities.

Faculty Associates from all academic units participating in interprofessional education are instrumental in the development and delivery of CCHPE’s curricular activities.

The Centre’s Faculty Scholars are actively involved in scholarship activity related to interprofessional education and collaborative practice.