Administration and Staff

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  Recommendation Status
Invite the two co-chairs of the Community Health and Humanities Respectful Workplace Committee to share their experience of the development, evolution and function of the committee
Work with appropriate units of Memorial University to provide:
• Leadership training to enhance the ability of managers to be effective role models of civility and respect and have the skills to respond to disrespectful behaviour appropriately.
• Provide opportunities for mid-career staff development programs.
• Develop stronger staff orientations for new hires about respectful workplace initiatives, appropriate policies, where to go for help and support, etc.
• Deliver other training related to IBH&SH including how to recognize it and what to do about it (e.g. Bystander training)
The Faculty of Medicine Learning and Development Committee and Onboarding Committee have been established.
The faculty and university clearly communicate and make accessible on the website and on all printed materials all policies and procedures regarding IBH&SH that apply to staff members including where to go for help and support.
The Professionalism & Mistreatment website has been launched.
Managers and others working in support units that provide services to learners and faculty to be empowered to develop clear guidelines about the types of services provided and their related policies. This information should be widely distributed so that all users of the service will be informed and more respectful.
The CoE Co-Chairs met with the Faculty of Medicine Managers about ensuring that their websites accurately outline the services provided and details on accessing those services. Also, there is an on-going project to re-develop and enhance the navigation of the entire Faculty of Medicine website. This recommendation will be kept in mind during the website redesign. 
Make renewed efforts related to staff appreciation events, both big and small, to foster a culture of respect and to publicize these initiatives so that everyone in the faculty are aware of these initiatives
A Staff Appreciation and Recognition Committee has been established.
Acknowledge the expertise of staff by including them on decision making committees or working groups.
Each of the Destination Excellence project teams has a staff co-chair and staff representatives.