Unit Assessment Progress

In November 2017, Dr. Margaret Steele, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University, initiated an assessment of the Faculty of Medicine for issues related to intimidation, bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment (IBH&SH) and to a safe and respectful learning environment. Dr. Sandra LeFort conducted the Unit Assessment and produced a final report consisting of 39 recommendations to improve professionalism in our working and learning environment.
A Unit Assessment Working Group was formed to review the 39 recommendations and to establish an implementation plan. That group has evolved into the Culture of Excellence Project Team, which will continue the efforts of the Unit Assessment Working Group to foster an enhanced and renewed culture of professionalism within the Faculty of Medicine.

The Faculty of Medicine has worked quickly to implement several recommendations from the Unit Assessment. Some recommendations have been completed and others are in progress. Many recommendations require ongoing review. These recommendations are illustrated as green and marked as ‘completed’ if this review has started and will be on-going for the foreseeable future.

Please refer the tables in the following links to view our progress.

Please note that the Heat Map is organized based on the structure of the Unit Assessment. The recommendations are listed according to data-sources rather than the groups to which they apply. It is important to recognize that some recommendations are applicable to more than one group within the Heat Map.

Unit Assessment Heat Map (May 2022)
Green completed
Yellow in progress
Red pending

Medical Learners Graduate Learners Faculty Members Administration
& Staff 
1 11 19 27 32
2 12 20 28 33
3 13 21 29 34
4 14 22 30 35
5 15 23 31 36
6 16 24   37
7 17 25
8 18 26















Recommendations 38 and 39: Completed