Culture of Excellence

The Culture of Excellence Project Team was put in place to continue the efforts of the Unit Assessment Working Group to foster an enhanced and renewed culture of professionalism within the Faculty of Medicine.

By ensuring the sustainability and long term success of the implemented Unit Assessment recommendations, the project team will support the Destination Excellence pillar of Empowered People. Likewise, the project team will work to foster effective communication and collaboration among members of the Faculty of Medicine, support leadership and professional development opportunities and celebrate individual and team success.

Mandate (June 2021)

  • To foster within the Faculty of Medicine a culture of professionalism which values every individual in environments free of all forms of discrimination, racism, intimidation, and harassment, including sexual harassment and sexual assault.
  • To provide an equitable, inclusive, and culturally safe environment within the Faculty of Medicine.
  • To support the sustainability of the implemented recommendations from the Unit Assessment.
  • To appraise the learning and work environments to inform decision making within the Faculty of Medicine.

Note: Due to the dynamic and evolving environment the Culture of Excellence is located in, the mandate will continue to be re-visited on an ongoing basis.

Actions to Date

  • Review of recent Enhancing the Faculty of Medicine Learning and Working Environment: Mistreatment Survey as a guide to informing how we move forward with initiatives and priorities. The Professionalism Research Advisory Group will be disseminating more information in the future through their scholarly work with the survey.
  • In collaboration with the Office of Professional and Educational Devleopment, members of the project team helped develop an accredited Professionalism in Practice online learning module for clinical faculty and learners. To complete the module, please click here.

Professionalism in Practice module for staff, graduate learners, and other faculty members are currently under development and will be released soon.

If you have any questions about our activities or would like to provide feedback, please contact us at  

Team Members (2022-23)

Dr. Kara Laing Co-Chair
Dr. Heidi Coombs Co-Chair 
Neha Bhutani Manager of Operations, Family Medicine
Katie Bonner Phase 3 Learner Representative (Class of 2025) 
Dr. Tracey Bridger Faculty Wellness, Equity and Professionalism
Vacant Communications
Leah Curnew Graduate Studies Learner Representative
Georgia Darmonkow Phase 4 Learner Representative (Class of 2024) 
Dr. Nic Fairbridge OPED Representative
Tina Hickey Policy Analyst
Dr. Kathleen Hodgkinson Community Health and Humanities Representative 
Dr. Christine Luu PGME Learner Representative
Dr. Dolores McKeen Faculty Representative, Educational Leadership
Gerona McGrath Destination Excellence Project Manager
Dawn Murphy Phase 2 Learner Representative (Class of 2026) 
Janet Norman Human Resources Representative
Jill Purcell Staff Representative
Maxine Paul  Sexual Harassment Office
Zahra Rehan Phase 4 Learner Representative (Class of 2023) 
Dr. Anil Zechariah BioMedical Sciences Representative
vacant Indigenous Health Representative
vacant Clinical Faculty Representative