Academic Counselling

Learners who require academic assistance with study skills, exam anxiety, multiple choice testing strategies or other related issues are encouraged to visit the Office of Learner Well-Being and Success and speak with the Learner Wellness Consultant. The consultant can provide assistance or help you to determine the most appropriate supports and services.

Learners who are experiencing academic difficulty are strongly encouraged to seek academic counselling through his/her respective Phase Lead or Clerkship Coordinator. Each learner's situation will be examined independently to determine the most suitable method of counselling for the situation. Contact the Phase Lead or Clerkship Coordinator via the UGME office at 709 864 8463 or

Learners who require accommodations for examinations are required to provide documentation from relevant professionals supporting their request. Learners are encouraged to discuss their needs for accommodation with the Learner Wellness Consultant.

Academic Resources

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