The Destination Excellence Wellness Project Team would like to thank everyone who participated in the wellness survey. 593 stakeholders took part, representing a broad segment of our Faculty of Medicine community. In addition, 1,477 comments and suggestions were submitted through the survey, which will help the faculty build on its strengths and further our goal to support well-being for all faculty, staff and learners. 

The Wellness Project Team has developed a subcommittee to evaluate and disseminate the results of the wellness survey. The subcommittee will develop recommendations in a final report which will be available to faculty, staff and learners through Brightspace in the near future.

For information and resources related to health and overall wellness available to you, please visit the Wellness resources page

Wellness in the Workplace and Learning Environment: By fostering an institutional commitment to accountability, diversity, inclusion and wellness, our workplace and learning environment promotes and supports individual well-being across the psychosocial, physical, organization, and cultural environment to enhance morale, and a sense of belonging and personal accomplishment.

Team members:

Kelly Penton Co-chair
Tracey Bridger Co-chair
Jennifer Armstrong Health Sciences and Information Media Services
Susan Avery Discipline of Family Medicine
Steve Darcy Discipline of Family Medicine
Diana De Caravalho Discipline of Internal Medicine
Lisa Fleet Office of Professional and Educational Development
Danielle Gardiner Medical Education Laboratory Support Services
Catherine Hickey Discipline of Psychiatry
Simon Kirby Discipline of Laboratory Medicine
Greg Radu  Assistant dean, Office of Student Affairs
Jared Ryan Medical education learner
Alicia Taylor Graduate learner