Destination Excellence Implementation Steering Team

In April 2018, Dr. Margaret Steele sent an open call to all faculty and staff to apply as a member of the Destination Excellence Implementation Steering Team (DEIST). As a result, the team was formed of a diverse group of individuals (i.e. learners, faculty, staff, leaders, different levels, etc.) from across the faculty. Of the applicants, one faculty member was chosen from each division (Clinical, Biomedical Sciences, and Community Health and Humanities) for a total of three (3) faculty members and three (3) staff members from across the Faculty of Medicine.


The mandate for DEIST includes the following accountabilities:

  • Spearhead implementation of the strategic plan, via project teams;
  • Help ensure inter-dependent oversight and direction of the strategic plan implementation;
  • Build and sustain ongoing commitment to implementation of the plan;
  • Actively manage and monitor implementation of the plan across all strategic pillars;
  • Manage all risks associated with implementation; and
  • Ensure we are achieving key performance indicators and identified milestones.


The DEIST will meet every eight (8) weeks. The members are as follows:

Dean Steele, co-chair

Gerona McGrath, co-chair

Paul Tucker, chief operating officer
Dolores McKeen, vice dean, Education and Faculty Affairs
Janet Norman, manager, Human Resources
Tracey Pittman, manager, Academic Affairs
Sean O'Neill, director, HSIMS
Dennis Dillon, senior development officer
Tanis Adey, representative, Education Deans
Reza Tabrizchi, co-chair, Research Project Team
Absent, clinical faculty, Discipline of Family Medicine
Ann Doward, faculty, Division of BioMedical Sciences
Ed Randell, PhD, Laboratory Medicine
Jennifer Shea, faculty, Division of Community Health and Humanities
Rochelle Baker, NLCAHR
Patricia Cousins, manager, Medical Laboratories
Cindy Whitton, operations manager, Office of Professional Development
Allison Ambi, Health Sciences Centre Library
Terri Coles, communications associate, Marketing and Communications
Shane Arsenault, PARNL representative
Matthew Lamont, MEDSOC representative
Robin Lathangue, New Brunswick representative
Bolu Ogunyemi, assistant dean, Social Accountability
Anna Walsh, graduate learner representative
Margo Wilson, clinical faculty representative