We're all dreaming of travel right now. As a Grenfell Campus student, you are able to avail of exchange opportunities in hundreds of locations around the world. Now is the time to start planning for an exchange in 2025.

Want to go away? Here are the opportunities we offer:

University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP)

Offering experiences with pacific coast member institutions, students have the opportunity to link with institutions in more than 40 nations. (UMAP General)



The north2north program is organized by the University of the Arctic, an international network of educational institutions dedicated to providing relevant and accessible post-secondary education to the people of the North; the choice of exchange institutions consists of universities in circumpolar countries. Partner institutions are located in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Denmark, France andthe UK. For more information visit the UArctic - University of the Arctic - north2north website.


University Wide Exchange Agreements

Memorial University has exchange agreements with over 100 universities worldwide. Please visit Partners in Mobility | Go Abroad | Memorial University of Newfoundland (mun.ca) for further information.