Apply for a grant

When it comes to applying for a research grant or contract, your first point of contact should be your Grants & Contracts Facilitation Officer. Jennifer Butler Wight serves as your point of contact between Grenfell Campus and Research Grant and Contract Services (RGCS) in St. John's.

In addition to circulating upcoming research opportunities, Jennifer can help you develop a research funding plan and help you craft your applications to specific programs. You should contact Jennifer as soon as you become interested in a funding opportunity as there are internal Grenfell deadlines that precede the Memorial and sponsor deadlines.

Grenfell-based funding applications must pass institutional review before being submitted to the sponsor agency. Part of this review is confirming approval of applications by appropriate Decanal and administrative units. In the case of Grenfell, funding applications require approval from both the appropriate Dean and Associate vice-president (Grenfell) research and graduate studies.

The following are the basic steps to submitting an application for institutional review:

  1. Register your application in the Memorial Researcher Portal (be sure to add Jennifer as a team member).
  2. Complete the relevant application or paperwork necessary for the grant to which you are applying.
  3. If necessary, obtain documentation (email, letter, etc.) for all cash and/or in-kind commitments listed in your application. These can include (but are not limited to): student stipends, infrastructure, course release, equipment/equipment use, etc.
  4. Have all co-applicants complete the Grenfell Campus Approval Form or the appropriate form for their unit or institution.
  5. Submit the application, relevant documents and approval form to your Dean for sign-off.
  6. By the Grenfell deadline, upload and submit all documents to the Researcher Portal for Grenfell Campus review.


Here are other resources that may be useful as you apply for a grant.

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