What is Academic Prep Week?



Many of our students have told us that they feel overwhelmed and unsure about starting studies at university. They say there are a lot of “little things” to learn before they start attending classes and studying. Academic Prep Week is a week of sessions focused on covering the “little things” that provides a head start to ensuring you are well prepared to start your first semester at Memorial University. Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • What to expect at University and how is it different from high school
  • Using a library: Figure out why the library may be your new best friend
  • Get ready for class: How to get the most out of your courses and understand what you need to do to succeed
  • Prepare for tests: Strategies to cope with anxiety
  • Prevent panic: Learn how to read the course syllabus, schedule, organize, and plan
  • Understand your marks: Disarming tests and written assignments
  • What is Brightspace: Navigate our learning platform
  • Establish a support network: Learn about resources and services available


Why should I attend Academic Prep Week?

  • Build skills and feel ready for the start of the semester
  • Attend social activities organized outside the classroom throughout the day and evening – we don’t want you sitting in class all day long!
  • Move into Student Housing early
  • Meet and develop new friendships
  • Explore and get familiar with the campus and the city


Who can attend Academic Prep Week?

The program is available to all students who have been accepted to Memorial University for Fall 2024 AND have not attended university previously.


When is Academic Prep Week?

August 26 – 30, 2024


How do you register for Academic Prep Week?

Register for Academic Prep Week through Memorial Self-Service (online portal) in the same way that you register for Fall university courses. At your assigned registration time in July, you will be able to register for Academic Prep Week (APW 1000) along with your other university courses. You can review how to register and let us know if you have any further questions.


What is the cost of Academic Prep Week?



Is there funding available for Academic Prep Week?

The APW Grant is a newly implemented financial award available to students who would like to participate in the Program at Grenfell Campus. It is open to graduating Level III students, and high school graduates who have not previously attended a post-secondary institution.  To apply for the APW Grant, a student must be nominated by a representative from their high school.  Nominations must be submitted by June 28, 2024 at 4pm (NL Time).

Academic Prep Week Grant – Nomination Form


Who do I contact if I have questions about Academic Prep Week?

Email – gcstudentservices@mun.ca

Phone – 709 637 6232


Are you planning to stay in residence while enrolled in Academic Prep Week?

If you have been accepted to live in Student Housing at Grenfell Campus for Fall 2024, you will be able to move into your room early with the additional cost listed below.  Please contact gchousing@mun.ca to confirm you wish to move into Student Housing for Academic Prep Week (put Academic Prep Week in subject line).

If you are not living in Student Housing during the Fall semester and are needing accommodations in Corner Brook for just the time you are enrolled in Academic Prep Week, there are a limited number of rooms available in Student Housing. These rooms will be allocated on a first come basis. Please email gcconferences@mun.ca to request a room  (put Academic Prep Week in subject line). 


Student Housing Cost

*students will be able to move in on Sunday, August 25, 2024. For students not living in Student Housing in Fall 2024, room must be vacated by 9am on Friday, August 30, 2024.  There will be storage available for the day.

  • A&S Residence - $115.15 (week rate includes taxes)
  • Res Complex - $127.57 (week rate includes taxes)
  • Chalets - $131.46 (week rate includes taxes)

This Student Housing fee is payable online, through your Memorial University self service account.


Is there a sample schedule of Academic Prep Week at Grenfell Campus? 







8:30 – 9:30

Introduction & What WE know about University students 


I Don’t Really Understand CHEATING!

Speaking UP for YOU!

Advocating for YOU – Mini Lab

9:45 - 1030

Setting up the Accounts you need

Library Mini-Lab

Textbooks – how important are they?

Microsoft Word Mini Lab

Using University Resources

10:45 – 12:00

How is University DIFFERENT from high school

Reality Check – Getting everything done on time!

Test Anxiety?  What?

Reading Charts and Rubrics

A Real Talk about Cellphones

12:00 – 1:00






1:00 – 1:30

Campus Tour

Brightspace Mini Lab

Google Docs vs Microsoft Word

Let’s talk about UNIVERSITY Writing

The FINAL Clean UP – these things NEED to be DONE!

  • Get your Campus ID
  • Advising Session
  • Science Safety Course
  • Academic Integrity Course
  • Sexual Violence Module

1:30 – 2:15

Fundamental HUB – THE LIBRARY

Back to the LIBRARY – there is more to learn!

Testing in University

Cultural Sensitivity

2:15 – 3:00

Navigating the course SYLLABUS


Math Anxiety – It’s REAL! 


The Importance of Getting Involved 


Specific Math 1090, 1000, 1052 Practice #1


Disarm tests and Assignments


Specific Math 1090, 1000, 1052 Practice #2


Ask the students Panel

3:00 – 3:30

BRIGHTSPACE – what it is and how to use it!


What is the difference between the orientation programs we offer at Grenfell Campus?

Your Grenfell Experience – A non-credit, on-line, orientation course delivered through the Brightspace platform.  It is designed to familiarize students with Grenfell Campus while introducing them to key people and resources needed to navigate their first year.  The course will provide tools and techniques for academic success, health and wellness, and personal development.  It is delivered through a series of 5 modules, over an 8-week period starting mid-July.

Academic Prep Week  – A non-credit, 5-day orientation course, delivered in-person at Grenfell Campus.  It is a concentrated course focused on learning the foundational skills and understanding the key components of university courses.  Academic Prep Week provides the opportunity for students to complete and understand the “little things” necessary in order for them to start classes ready to study and succeed.   It is delivered through a series of classroom lectures, mini labs, small groups sessions, and social engagements. 

University 1010 – A 3-credit hour course, delivered either in-person or remotely through Grenfell Campus over a 13-week period.  It is an introduction to being a university student and provides the tools and techniques of study and research.  Students will utilize self-assessment tools and engage in reflection to gain an understanding of their own academic strengths and weaknesses.  It is delivered through a series of classroom lectures and mini labs.