Grenfell Warriors Youth Camps - Summer Programs

NEW - Grenfell Junior Warriors

We firmly believe that the foundation of our future lies in empowering the younger generation. As a testament to our dedication to community support, we proudly present the Grenfell Junior Warriors—an initiative designed to give back to the youth in Western Newfoundland. Our primary mission is to create opportunities for young individuals aspiring to enhance their sports skills.

At the heart of our commitment, we present two distinctive programs: Junior Warriors Volleyball and Junior Warriors Basketball. Join us in shaping a brighter future for our community through the transformative power of sports and mentorship.

Our Warriors Team members and coaches actively engage in various sessions. Here's an overview of our programs:


Junior Warriors Volleyball Program

  • Age Groups: U15 Female
  • Travels throughout the province; and attends the National Tournament within Canada.
  • Weekly Practices
  • Head Coach: Nathan Wareham


Junior Warriors Basketball Program

  • Age Groups:
  • U12 Male & Female
  • U14 Male& Female
  • U16 Male & Female
  • Travels throughout Newfoundland, and the Maritime Provinces.
  • Weekly Practices
  • Head Coach: Frank Foo


For more information on the Junior Warriors program please contact Britney Marsden at