GO Live

GO Live – Online, Part-Time, Non-Credit Bearing Program

Grenfell Online - Learn Interactively & Virtually in English

Example ​Components

Exact components may vary from semester to semester

​Time Commitment


​Academic Skills

​​1 hour/week

​Develop skills that lead to academic success and learn about expectations and etiquette in the Canadian post-secondary context.

​Live interactions with your assigned buddy

​3 hours/week

​2 hours - one-on-one with your buddy
1 hour - small group discussion

​Guided individual work to prepare for live discussions

​2 hours/week

​Exchange written messages, view videos/read articles to discuss during live chats, etc.

​Culture & Society Class

​1 hour/week

Experience Canadian culture virtually through lessons about the history and current situation in Canada.

​Consultations with ESL Coordinator (one-on-one)

​1 hour/week

​Discuss weekly topics for one-on-one intense speaking opportunities

​Current Affairs

​1 hour/week


​Communicate about complex issues and share opinions about events happening around the world

​Language Through Literature

​1 hour/week

​Read a novel in English and participate in group discussions to improve comprehension and increase vocabulary


  • 10 hours per week 
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion (non-credit bearing)
  • Instructor and student-led components
  • No minimum language proficiency requirements

Cost of participation​: