Volunteer Opportunities

On-Campus Volunteer Opportunities

DepartmentContact NameEmailWebsiteGeneral Details
Culture to Community Jamie Mbogo jwmbogo@mun.ca   Attending K-12 school and community group visits to share experiences, cultures, and stories. Promoting equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism (EDI-AR).
Navigate Business Incubator Allison Rowe
Brennan Lowery


  Volunteers for events such as entrepreneur fairs, small business supports, and more.
Physics Department Dr. Svetlana Barkanova sbarkanova@mun.ca   Providing physics education to K-12 students in rural communities
Sexual Harassment Office Tracy Kreuzberg trkr60@mun.ca https://www.mun.ca/sexualharassment/prevention/stop-volunteer-program/ Volunteers for Students Together Offer Prevention (STOP). Refer to website for criteria and application details.
ACES/Learning Centre Brad Elliott brade@mun.ca   Taking notes for students with accessibility challenges.

Off-Campus Volunteer Opportunities

OrganizationContact NameContact NumberEmailWebsiteGeneral Details
Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador Paul Lockyer 709-637-7450 plockyer@asnl.ca https://asnl.ca/ Support for individuals with autism, weekend/summer camp supervision, event planning
Bay of Islands Search and Rescue (BOISAR) Christine Doucet   info@boisar.org https://business.facebook.com/latest/home?asset_id=617724618293328 Assisting law enforcement with the search/rescue of lost or missing persons in the Bay of Islands region. Training provided directly by BOISAR.
Canadian National institute for the Blind (CNIB Foundation) Kelly Picco 709-754-1180 ext. 5813 kelly.picco@cnib.ca www.cnib.ca Vision Mate program; assisting clients for approximately 2hr/week with walking, groceries, reading mail, and providing company.
Canadian Wildlife Federation Jennifer Snooks 709-351-4466 JenniferS@cwf-fcf.org   Team leaders and assistants for the WILD Outside program. Engaging with youth aged 15-18 in monthly outdoor conservation activities and projects.
Must have valid First Aid/CPR certificate.
Community Mental Health Initiative Quinn Jesso 709-634-4321 cmhi.mhp@gmail.com   Assisting with events and facilitating community activities related to mental health issues including but not limited to addictions awareness, mental illness,
suicide prevention, and gender issues.
Corner Brook Museum/Archives George French   info@cornerbrookmuseum.ca www.cornerbrookmuseum.ca  
Corner Brook Status of Women Council Paula Sheppard
Valetta Colbourne
709-639-8522 cbwomenscentre@gmail.com
  Completing training to accompany people who have experienced sexual assault to various venues (hospitals, police station, place of study/employment, court, etc.). Must be 19+.
Corner Brook/Bay of Islands PRIDE Quinn Jesso 709-634-4321 cmhi.mhp@gmail.com   Coordinating/facilitating events and activities for Pride Month, as well as other initiatives throughout the calendar year.
Gros Morne Transportation Tara Crocker 709-458-7206 grosmornetransport@gmail.com   Volunteers to assist with social media marketing, website building, and business management
NL West SPCA Frances 709-632-4554 nlwestspca@gmail.com   Animal shelter attendants. Participants in fundraising events, craft fairs, coat checks.
Open Door Theatre Adam Brake 709-660-2911 opendoorcornerbrook@gmail.com   Extracurricular involvement in local theatre productions.
Rotary Arts Centre Samantha Osmond
Brad Randell
709-630-0012 samantha@rotaryartscentre.ca
www.rotaryartscentre.ca Ushers, greeters, and bartenders for performance nights. Greeters and bartenders for art exhibition receptions.
Salvation Army Major Brian Wheeler
Major Valerie Wheeler
709-634-5204 brian.wheeler@salvationarmy.ca
  Food bank: Packing hampers, sorting donations, filling shelves
Thrift Store: Sorting donations, store stocking/cleaning, cash register
Friendship Room: Food service, set-up, clean-up
Western Health Carmel Turpin 709-784-5369 volunteerresources@westernhealth.nl.ca   Visiting programs with patients, recreation assistants, entertainers, greeters, auxiliary services.
YMCA Communities Building Youth Futures Seanna Decker
Taylor Smith
  Participating in various activities with the Action team to support individuals with transition into or through challenges or barriers related to education, employment, or engagement.
YMCA Employment Support Ashley Christopher 709-639-1720 ashley.christopher@wnl.ymca.ca www.humbercommunityymca.ca Volunteers to assist with youth programming.