Supporting a safe and secure working environment is paramount for the Grenfell Campus Enforcement and Patrol Department (CEP).

CEP patrols and secures campus buildings and grounds, provides emergency response to incidents on campus and responds to all fire alarms and intrusion alarms. In addition, CEP officers:

  • Liaison with the RNC, Fire Department and Emergency Medical personnel
  • Provide emergency first aid, CPR and AED assistance to persons injured on campus
  • Provide access control
  • Provide traffic and parking control, including accident response, issuance of parking violations (ticketing) functions
  • Operate lost and found services
  • Investigate theft and crime on campus
  • Provide walk safe services

More information about the CEP Office is available at the campus safety and security site. If you have questions or concerns, contact CEP:

General office | AS201 Arts and Science Building | 709-637-6210  | gccep@mun.ca

Emergency line | 637-2888


Campus safety and security

The Campus Enforcement and Patrol Office (CEP) is here 24 hours a day/365 days each year to help provide a safe and secure working environment. All incidents and/or accidents on campus involving actual or potential danger to life or property should be communicated immediately to CEP at 709-637-6210.


Emergency phones

There are ‘blue light’ phones located throughout campus. Pushing the button gives you instant contact with CEP. Your location is automatically provided to CEP. Each phone has a blue light, which will activate when the button is pushed. This will alert the university community that an emergency situation is in progress.  You can also utilize the “Mobile Blue Light” feature through the MUN SafeApp, available for free download on any cell phone.


Your role

Everyone has an important role to play when it comes to security. If you have any concerns, call CEP for assistance.  Note the circumstances and provide any details possible surrounding the incident (physical description, locations, time , date, etc).

Report crimes or thefts to CEP.


Safety while socializing

There are many things you can do to stay safe while socializing with friends. Learn more about the risks and how to prevent them.


Walk Safe program

The Walk Safe Program is a free service provided for all students, faculty, staff and visitors at Grenfell Campus. It is staffed by officers of the Campus Enforcement and Patrol Office. This program is designed to help people get to their vehicle, classes, student residence, office, or any other location on campus. All you need to do is call extension 6210 (or 709-637-6210).  The WalkSafe program is also accessible using the WalkSafe option in the MUN SafeApp.


Buildings and property

CEP officers also patrol the interior and exterior Campus property including the parking lots and grounds.


Building Openings




Arts and Science (AS) – All Side Entrances – this includes Academic Extension

6:45 a.m.

11:30 p.m.

Students can work in the AS building until 12:00 midnight.

Arts and Science (AS) – Main Entrance


Open 24 hours with security controls in this area.

May be locked in some emergency situations or on some holiday occasions.  CEP Officers manage the main entrance.

Arts and Science Building (AS) – Side Entrance by Bookstore/Biology Lab



Remains Locked – Normally would be locked at 11:30 p.m.

Arts and Science Building (AS) via the adjoining Corner Brook Recreation Center Complex



Library/Computing Building (LC)


6:45 a.m.

12:00 midnight (follows Ferris Hodgett Library hours)

Fine Arts Building (FA)


6:45 a.m.

11:30 p.m.

Visual Arts Students and on occasion Theatre Arts Students can work in the building until 2:00 a.m.

Forest Centre (FC)

Canadian Forest Service areas (one exit on 1st floor exterior door # 49)


Monday to Friday – 6:45 a.m.


Saturday and Sunday - Closed

Monday to Friday – 5:00 p.m.


Saturday and Sunday - Closed

Forest Centre (FC)

Main entrance doors level 2.

Tunnel link -

6:45 a.m.

11:30 p.m.

6:45 a.m.

12:00 midnight (Tunnel Link)

Environmental Research Lab Building

Unlocked Upon Request – Keys issued to Researchers



Residence Complex


Key entry only

Library/Computing Building (LC) Link from AS

6:00 a.m.

2:00 a.m.

GCSU Food Court

Blue Doors and Glass Doors


6:45 a.m.

9:00 p.m.

Normal closure time is 9:00 p.m. unless a function is taking place.


Parking On Campus

Below you will find parking maps and the permit application for Grenfell Campus. Click the link for a larger, downloadable PDF version.

Parking Permits are required for Areas P2, P3, P3.1, P3.2, P5, P5.1, P6, P8 and P9.  General parking (no permit required) for Areas P4.
 Parking permits/decals must be clearly displayed in the front windshield of the vehicle, located at the top centre of the windshield immediately below the rear view mirror (not in the shaded area above the mirror).  A parking ticket will be issued if the sticker is not clearly displayed.


Visitor Parking

Visitors are encouraged to use the parking app and park in the circle / roundabout in the front of the Arts and Science Extension. You have to download the “Passport Canada” parking app on your Apple or Android device, register as a user, select zone 140 and follow the instructions given on the app. Payment can be made via the app using Visa or MasterCard. There is an option to put a lump sum in the online wallet for ease of use and to minimize Visa/MasterCard transactions when using this app. The parking rate for this area is $1.50 per hour.


Parking Documents

Employee Parking Application 2024-2025

Student (Living ON Campus) Parking Application 2024-2025

Student (Living OFF Campus) Parking Application 2024-2025

Retiree Parking Application 2024-2025

Other Parking Application 2024-2025

Grenfell Parking Map 2024-2025