We attempt to open as many doors for you as possible. Some of these include:

  • A base for meeting new people
  • An understanding of the academic expectations that exist from the university, your professors and, even more importantly, yourself.
  • A building of important university contacts that will come in handy throughout your time here at Grenfell.
  • A chance to learn about all campus activities and departments and how to become involved in them.
  • An introduction to the City of Corner Brook and its facilities that are beneficial to students.

Of course! Although you may not have to adjust to living in a new community away from home, there are still many things about university life that you will have to learn. Understanding the differences between what was expected in high school and what is expected in university is crucial to post-secondary success—and orientation can help you achieve such success!

There is no better way to be acquainted with the society and culture of Newfoundland and Labrador than by coming to Orientation! Moreover, we can tell you all about the variety of outdoor pursuits available in our region. All of these things are coupled with making the transition into university life an enjoyable one.

We want to welcome you to our university community by providing information sessions designed to address the unique concerns and questions of students older than average or who are transitioning from another institution. Whether you have been away from school for three years or thirty, you will be able to meet other students and discuss with them their own experiences as students older than average.

APW is designed to help you prepare for post-secondary studies (for more about APW click here). Orientation is a great way to supplement that preparation.  APW will help bridge the gap between high school and university, but Orientation will officially welcome you to university life! You can meet future classmates in a fun and relaxed setting while experiencing the exciting atmosphere of the first week of classes here at Grenfell.

Very easy!  There will be a variety of activities and events that give you the opportunity to get together with students from Newfoundland and all over the world.  Each gathering will have leaders who will assist you in meeting new friends – all you have to do is SHOW UP!

Yes! Taking the time to work through the "Your Grenfell Experience" course shell will help you become equipped with some valuable knowledge about services, housing, the GSCU, how to get involved, fees and finances, the library, and so much more! This shell is designed for incoming students from all backgrounds and will provide you with tons of useful knowledge for success.