MORE Platform

What if you could do MORE with your degree?

Attending university isn’t just about going to class, studying, and writing tests and papers. It’s also an opportunity to gain meaningful new experiences that will help you develop personally and professionally. Fortunately, Memorial’s Online Record of Experience (MORE) provides you with a catalogue of activities in which you can participate and add to your resume or CV. By using MORE to track your co-curricular experiences, you will be able to generate an experiential transcript that can be sent to potential employers or graduate program recruiters as you proceed through your career.

Students can view the MORE catalogue here. Please remember to filter by campus using the tags button at the top of the page. For more general information about what MORE is, please refer here.


Why use MORE?

  • MORE provides a catalogue of on- and off-campus opportunities for experiential learning. By exploring the catalogue, you can find activities and initiatives that can aid you in your personal and professional development.
  • Each activity is categorized by the competencies and skills a student will develop while engaging in that activity.
  • MORE provides quantitative evidence of activity participation by displaying the total number of hours in which a student participated in each activity as validated by the faculty/staff responsible for the initiative.
  • MORE allows students to generate an experiential transcript that can be shared with employers, graduate schools, or funding agencies.


How do I use MORE?

Career Development Services provides a number of different guides for students, faculty, and staff to help them navigate MORE. For any questions or clarifications on the MORE platform or how to use it, please contact Thomas Young in Career Development Services (


Guides for students

Guides for faculty, staff, and initiative validators