The Bonne Bay Aquarium & Research Station is a research, teaching and conference venue located in Norris Point, Newfoundland and Labrador, and is part of the Grenfell Campus, Memorial University. We are open to collaboration with researchers and professors from all disciplines interested in teaching and learning in the Gros Morne/Bonne Bay region.

Our Public Aquarium is open daily from 10am to 430 pm seasonally (Victoria Day weekend to Labour Day weekend) and showcases our local marine flora and fauna. When you visit, you will be able to join a tour led by one of our student interpreters who will guide you through the biology and ecology of Bonne Bay.

The Bonne Bay Aquarium & Research Station and Public Aquarium is located within Gros Morne National Park, in Norris Point, on the west coast of the island of Newfoundland.


Bonne Bay Field Station

We have the capability to host researchers and university classes from any institution, and from any discipline, not just marine biology. If you would like to come and visit with your group/class, please get in touch with us.

The Station is surrounded by Gros Morne National Park which is world-renowned for its geology and terrestrial ecology. Our site was chosen because of the realization that the East Arm is a deep fjord which has been isolated from the Gulf of St. Lawrence since the last ice age. There is a shallow sill in the "tickle" outside of our buildings in which the water depth is such that the relict arctic marine flora and fauna are preserved in the cold waters of the fjord, right next to the expected biotas of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.



  • Arrive on Sunday at 5 p.m. (rooms are not available prior to this time).
  • DRL coachlines and the various airlines that operate in NL go to Deer Lake.
  • Students are expected to carpool or otherwise find their own way to the Station.
  • Students will receive an email via their Memorial University accounts prior to the course with a list of students registered on the same course.
  • Deer Lake taxi at (709) 635-2521 or Pittman’s Taxi in Norris Point (458-2486) need to be booked at least 24hrs in advance of arrival.



The Bonne Bay Aquarium & Research Station has been at the core of Marine Biology teaching and research for decades.

Every year we meet alumni and their families at the Public Aquarium.  Many of those alumni share stories with our interpreters, tales of beach fires in Gadds Harbour, of diving and exploring the Bonne Bay region with Memorial University professors, particularly Dr. Bob Hooper.

We would love to be better connected to our alumni, to hear their stories and learn how Bonne Bay has influenced their lives and careers.  There must be a wealth of photographs hiding in people's drawers that others would love to see, and make up part of the hidden story of Bonne Bay Aquarium & Research Station.

If you would like to share your experiences and receive updates on alumni activities at the Bonne Bay Aquarium & Research Station, then please get in contact with us at: bonnebaymanager@mun.ca.