University policies & protocols

Memorial has many policies in place to protect the university, and the people that learn, work and live here. 

Policies and their related procedures exist to protect both you and the university. Policies set an expectation of behaviour throughout the university and, as such, members of the university community have an obligation to comply with university policy. Their related procedures provide the "how to" on carrying out those expectations.

Below you will find a few of the many policies that exist at Memorial. Learn more here. Other policies can be found in the University Calendar or various collective agreements. The Policy and Procedure Frameworks govern the process for the development, approval, and administration of non-academic policies and procedures. Supplementing these, the Framework Toolkit offers a quick reference guide to help navigate through the development process. It provides the resources necessary to elevate a concept through the appropriate channels.



Accommodations for students with disabilities

Harlow Campus funding


Administration and finance 

Conflict of interest & naming opportunities


Health and safety policy 

Kulik lighting and smudging


Human Resources 

Sexual harassment policy

Respectful workplace

Travel- General


List of other important policies click here.